Minimum of Fuss. ‘Left Field’ and ‘Chapel Farm’ Roasted Roots

Sunday dinner, for once it was something that vaguely resembled a traditional roast. There was: chicken, organic; potatoes, roasted; gravy, a sauce really, and ‘veg’. However; what ended up on our plates was once again something a little different. All the lovely veggies were from my extra-large Locavore veg box. Stephen, my OH, had to search far and wide to find an organic, free range chicken, at least the veg just turn up every Friday and How do I love them? Let me count the ways.

Although I love cooking I also like finding ways that use the minimum of fuss, uses the minimum of pans and involves the minimum of preparation time. Today’s dinner delivered on all counts. I used my Instant Pot, known as Cheezoid, to cook the chicken and mushroom gravy; all the veggies were roasted in one tin. Earlier in the day I has pounded some coarse sea salt and peppercorns together,which were, still a little on the coarse side I added a pinch, or two, of smoked paprika. I, gently, lifted up the chicken skin and massaged the rub all over the flesh. Whilst waiting for the rub to do its magic I prepped the veg for the mushroom gravy i.e. I sliced garlic, onion and mushrooms. After I had browned the bird in Cheezoid (Instant Pot) in hot oil the veg were sautéed until soft. Next I put in about 300ml of stock, plopped the chicken on top, and hey presto all I had to do was close the lid, cook on manual for 20 minutes; not forgetting to check the steam vent isn’t open of course and that’s half the dinner sorted.

Meat and gravy were pleepsing away nicely as I sorted the motley crew of veg out. Roasted potatoes and carrots are frequent guests on our dinner plates, often with a cloak of butter, honey and herbs. Until today I don’t think a kohlrabi or a Jerusalem artichoke have ever wandered into our kitchen. Once I had assured myself that they were prime candidates for roasting, in other words I looked at some recipes online, before cutting the veg into bite size pieces. I didn’t really know how long they would take to roast, or if they would all be ready at the same time. I set the timer for 50 minutes and hoped for the best.

Another great thing about ‘Cheezoid’ is that it has a ‘keep warm’ function, meaning that timing isn’t critical. Roasted vegetables are fairly tolerant too allowing me to finish my gin and tonic before plating up. Definitely a win, win situation.

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