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It’s Friday and another box of Locavore delights have arrived on my doorstep. In the kitchen drainer there’s lots of lovely veggies that have been lightly scrubbed and are patiently waiting to be put somewhere dark and cool. In the absence of a proper pantry the cupboard under the sink will have to suffice.

Last week we didn’t work our way through all the veg so we have a little catching up to do. The various squash will be fine but there is half a bunch of brussel sprout tops lying forlornly in the fridge and some kale that will still be lovely but is beginning to look rather limp. Last week we had a few meals that were not quite so packed with veggies leading up to me making this torta salata in plain English a tart made with a bread dough base.

Torta salata, a quiche in a bread based crust.

Tonight’s dinner is sorted and we will be finishing a chicken and chestnut soup I made using the last remnants from the roasted chicken and mushroom gravy from our Sunday roast. The stock from slowly cooking the bones in Cheezoid (Instant Pot) ended up in a lemon and pea risotto.

Veggies pleepsing on their journey into becoming a chicken soup.

Following on from that the risotto was transformed into a family favourite; little baked balls stuffed with cheese, dipped in egg and dredged with paprika flecked flour. These arancini ended up on a plate with tomato and basil sauce.

Arancini, Little balls of rice and cheese.

However; this week we are overrun with Brussels. I ordered extra through the Open Food Network; alas I forgot to check whether they were a component of this week’s box of delights. They were, now it’ll be 101 ways to cook these windy specials: roasted, sautéed, in stir-fries and frittatas. Still it is nearly Christmas.

Home for Christmas.

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