Hi, I’m Joyce McCormack a passionate baker and cook who loves to write. I’ve been cooking since I was old enough to hold a wooden spoon. One of the things I would love to do in this blog is to pass on the message that cooking delicious family style meals and making bread isn’t complicated and it can be fun. As long as you have a few moments, not hours, you can make some beautiful breads and meals that will taste delicious; be better for you and will make you one of the most popular people around. I have been trying to pass my love of food and cooking to the rest of the family. My oldest son, Joseph, is another keen baker, who takes a lot more care when cooking than I do. Samuel, who is about to move to Glasgow to commence a course in digital art, is desperate to learn to cook some tasty, cheap, quick and healthy meals – aren’t we all. Stephen my husband of twenty -five
years, is a very competent cook who enjoys good food.

We have moved around a bit and have gathered recipes and food influences along the way. Just now we are living @ 60°N, i.e. Shetland; we made the move here in 2004 and have been enjoying the rugged scenery; the freedom that living on a small island; the relative safety that it affords children and I would love to be able to say the weather too. Alas, I would be lying. I have got used to the horizontal rain and the all too frequent gale force winds though. Now it takes us by surprise when visitors comment on how windy it is, our thoughts “you haven’t seen anything yet, wait till you see a neighbours’ trampoline airborne!”

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  1. Joyce, I was one of the people who enjoyed so the luncheon you prepared for Wool Week 2014. It was one of the most spectacularly beautiful and tasty meals I’ve ever enjoyed. I’m considering another trip to Wool Week but have yet to make reservations. Will you still be in Shetland or have you moved? I’d like to bring my husband with me as he must meet you and Niella.
    All the best,
    Deborah Carver


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